Corporate Training

Hucon provides diversified Business Processes and Information Technology Outsourcing Solutions which has premier establishment in Software, Consulting, Classroom, Online & Corporate Trainings globally. Our IT & Non-IT Training Courses focus on Products supporting enterprise-wide Database, Microsoft & Sun Microsystems. Our Training Faculty is lead by Senior Members from the IT industry(Certified instructors) who utilize their own Development, Deployment & support experiences to teach students in both Onsite and Offshore environments through Presentation slides and Interactive sessions.

Integrated Learning:

Hucon Education Services offers a variety of high-quality courses of your interest and view the curriculum path that is right for you. When you start browsing our technical training you will find that we provide a variety of training options. Research & Development Learning Center(RDLC) is established jointly by Hucon Solutions and Engineering Colleges in order to provide high-end training in emerging technologies in the areas of .Net, Java etc., to the engineering students in the engineering colleges. RDLC has laid stress to provide these students a professional, skilled level industry based training enabling them to be readily absorbed by leading corporate companies across the globe. RDLC is equipped with best technical skills and facilities to bridge the gap between the Academics and the Industry.

All the students of the Institution can take benefit of this course with just 4 - 5 hours of investment in a week within the college hours where they will be well equipped to take up the challenge posed by the IT industries. The College will get a new dimension as they would be known in the market to provide training on Emerging Technologies with state-of-the-art syllabus, designed by a panel of leading experts from industry and academics, to the students. However the best advantage the students can get is the time they save as they are undergoing the technology training along with their academics. Our experience has proved that the effective time they save is about 8 months as compared to the students who are taking these programs after their graduation. We are a team of highly experienced researchers and designers that is simply fascinated by how people interact with websites and software. For over five years, we have worked with major Global Brands (as well as startups, non-profits, and many others) to help them deliver engaging, effective user experiences to their audiences and customers.